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NEW Egofit Walker Plus M1T  is the new handle bar version of the Egofit Walker Pro M1 Treadmill. The foldable handlebar provides extra safety while jogging yet keeps it small & sleek enough to fit under a standing desk. The new Small & Sleek treadmill comfortably fits under a standing desk. The Patented sinking-motor design makes it a compact size and increases foot walking area. 


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  • PORTABILITY – SMALLEST & LIGHTEST walking treadmill in the world! Fits under the desk or couch when not in use. Wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around the house or office to use for work and leisure.
  • MULTI-USE Egofit walking treadmill is designed with space saving in mind for work, leisure, reading a book, watching TV. Great for sitting desk and standing desk users.
  • WHISPER QUIET – Egofit portable treadmill operating sound never exceeds 50DB, so no noise disturbance while on the phone, zoom call or watching TV.
  • SOLID BUILD – Egofit Walker Pro is light but strong weighing just 55LBS/25KGS and able to support 245LBS/110KGS Max user weight.
  • UPGRADED – 3rd generation NEW & IMPROVED with a longer & wider belt of 26″ X 38”  making more room to enjoy walking and running.
  • MOBILE APP control available (beside the remote controller) so you can start & stop, adjust speed and also helps record your exercise data to view at leisure. Keep up with your daily activity record to achieve 10,00 steps!
  • READY TO USE – It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Great compact treadmill.

I am 5’10” and 195 pounds and this little treadmill is just the right size. It’s super easy to operate with the remote control and and the folding handlebar is great for additional support.

Futura Ardovino
Egofit Plus

This treadmill is everything I wanted it to be! So happy with it!

Perfect for Small Spaces

I’ve been running for 43 years. As a native Chicago runner, I readied for the winter months with layers and running droughts because the air was just too cold to breathe. Each spring, I’d have to rebuild my base only to hit another drought in Jan, Feb, and sometimes March. Although I had gym memberships, running on treadmills were a horrible experience and I always felt claustrophobic with a big control panel so close to my face. Not to mention rushing to get there to ensure you were able to get a treadmill. Each year as I approached 60, I wondered if my running days should end I’ll be 61 next month and decided before I quit, I’d try an at home treadmill. Enter this sleek little treadmill.

I specifically chose this as a way to maintain my base. I LOVE the slim control panel which makes me feel less confined. I set the treadmill up in front of the TV and play a YouTube run (treadmill tv has a bunch). I start warm (vs. spending the first 12 mins of my morning runs just trying to get warm enough to relax my shoulders into the run.) I run relaxed not worrying about whether people can see me in the dark, or whether I have too many or too few layers...truly, I’m surprised at how much I look forward to my indoor morning run!

I’m 5’2” and about 134 lbs. Easy enough for me to fold and move around the family room but would not be able to carry alone upstairs. Quiet too! I didn’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles as I don’t get them when I run outside. I just wanted to run. The simplicity of controls helps keep the price point low risk and removes the big control panels I've always hated. Thanks for this wonderful design. Truly changed my winter running for the better!

Great treadmill - but is for a certain user!

This treadmill by Egofit works flawlessly in everyday usage! The motors are quiet and efficient while providing a great experience when walking on the treadmill. The remote is a great addition which slowly starts and stops the treadmill which is great for safety while walking on the surface. At first I thought the treadmill might be too small to walk on high speeds comfortably, however it worked great and I didn't feel any danger of slipping off even while on the highest speed of 5.

Although the treadmill is great, I would recommend it for those looking for an under desk treadmill rather than a portable treadmill since this one has an incline, but no handle bars which may be something you would want if you weren't close to your desk.

Overall, for using it under your desk or even without a desk the treadmill has been great to use to get extra steps in during the day while being productive at my desk.

L. Thomas
Solid Treadmill, I use it daily

Like: small and compact. Easy to assemble, perfect for small space. I am able to use this in a large closet space....I am 72 years old....don't need fan, or other extras.....It is smooth, has a holder for Ipad/iphone, etc.....I also own a HUGE NordicTrack. Asuna just as good. I am considering giving up my 25 year membership to the gym.....but I need to use the weight equipment...Asuna is a god send during the pandemic when gyms were shut down in MA.
The price, quality and size is excellent.......on equipment like this,A good price. I am VERY happy with this purchase.

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