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Dimensions for Egofit Walker Pro M1 are 97.5×55.5×17.5 cm.

Dimensions for Egofit Walker Plus M1T are 97.5×66.5×17.5 cm. Handlebar is 103cm when extended.

Egofit Walker comes with 5 degree fixed incline. It is not cliffy so you can walk comfortably under desk but burns calories more efficiently than flat surface.

Egofit Walker consumes 1 kwh of electricity for 3 hours’ working, therefore it is not expensive to use.

It is essentially for workout at your working hours no matter when read, type, watch TV especially when at your workstation. Hours’ walk per day(10,000 steps) is very sufficient to stay healthy and keep fit and meanwhile avoid various sedentary syndromes. It will be much better than 1~2 hours gym exercise if can insist to this habit walking 10.000 steps every day, no matter for calories burning or vitality supplement.

Currently the shipment is 3-5 days. You can make a call or ask support if any issue after you place the order.

The fastest pace you can walk or run is 5 kmh and it is like quick walking or light jogging. It is suggested to concentrate on walking at this speed without any other mission in case danger because of distraction. Work While Walking is suggested to apply with the speed around 3kmh and under.

Egofit Walker comes with UK plug for the UK market or a EU plug for the EU market so you don’t need to purchase a separate adapter to initial the treadmill.

If you break or lose the Egofit  remote you can continue to use the mobile app while awaiting replacement.

We  recommend to store Egofit Walker flat so that the added lubricant can be absorbed by the belt totally.

Yes – Egofit Walker only takes a couple of seconds and a few clicks on the remote to restart it. I am currently walking 6+ hours per day (with breaks) and when it hits the timer on a particularly long session I just rest for a few moments and restart it.

The delivery is handled by DPD UK which is always efficient. You will receive delivery details that you can request change.

It is delivered from UK, you will receive it within 3~5 days.

The batch on sale at this moment was manufactured on Nov, 2020. Our products on sale are usually manufactured within 3 months before.

Manufacture provides with 1 year warranty for any issues occur in your use and spare parts replacement are free of charge.

It would be hard to store it against a wall because of the shape. However, it is small and very effective.

Yes, it comes fully assembled, no assembly is required.

Please consult Support for confirmation once return request approved.

Thanks for asking about Egofit Walker Pro treadmills for home. You can store it by standing on the side, but put mat or soft surface under it in case scratch the plastic cover.

It costs less than 1 kilowatt per hour to run.

There is no oil or fluid involved when it is running, nor heat occurs at the bottom, so it won’t damage your carpet. Actually carpet helps lower the sound further.

The power cord goes with it is 1.8m. It is safe to connect with a extension lead if you don’t change the electric circuit and the plug board is not overloaded with many other electric appliances.

Unscrew the lid with a coin or screwdriver and use fingernail to push back latch holding battery and ease out battery with a fingernail or something similar 🙂

Egofit Walker Pro is compatible with height adjustable standing desk, you can find options on 

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