Egofit Walker Pro Under Desk Treadmill


Egofit Pro M1 is the third generation of the innovative Egofit walking pad treadmill with incline. The Small & Sleek walking treadmill comfortably fits under a standing desk for a workout while working and wheels into the another room for a jog while watching TV or reading a book. The 5 degree incline is ideal to work up a sweat in a small space in less time and distance.


Egofit Walker Pro – Compact, Whisper Quiet, & Ready-to-Use!

  • 5% Incline – with a 5% incline – boost strength, burn more calories, and engage multiple muscle groups.
  • PORTABILITY – SMALLEST & LIGHTEST walking pad treadmill in the world! Fits under desk and stores away under couch when not in use. Wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around the house or office to use for work and leisure.
  • MULTI-USE Egofit walking treadmill is designed for work, leisure, reading a book, watching TV. Great for sitting desk and standing desk users.
  • WHISPER QUIET – Egofit walking pad operating sound never exceeds 50DB, so no noise disturbance while on the phone, zoom call or watching TV.
  • SOLID BUILD – Egofit Walker Pro M1 is light but strong weighing just 55LBS/25KGS and able to support 245LBS/110KGS Max user weight.
  • UPGRADED – 3rd generation NEW & IMPROVED with a longer & wider belt of 26″ X 38”  making more room to enjoy walking and running.
  • MOBILE APP – mobile control app is available (beside the remote controller) so you can start & stop, adjust speed and also helps record your exercise data to view at leisure and keep up with your daily activity record to achieve 10,00 steps!
  • READY TO USE – Egofit Pro comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Weight and Dimensions


🇬🇧 UK & Northern Ireland Free 3-4 day.

🇪🇺 Europe DHL Express delivery in 7-10 days.

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 108 × 65 × 22 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 693 reviews
Great for the family

I love it easy to use even my 6 year old likes to walk on it

Love to WALK!

This is my best gift to myself. I wish I would have bought it pre-winter and walked through some "fun" meetings. I like the small compact size and how easily I can use it. I get 3 miles in almost every day just from Zoomland.

excellent purchase so far

I needed a compact treadmill for our small finished basement. After two weeks of using it almost every day, it has been great. I run 5-6 miles in the morning between 4.5-6 mph. This was a good purchase since I'm 6 foot and the ceilings in my basement are about 6'10". This treadmill has such a low profile that the low ceiling isn't an issue. It is super easy to store.

It would be nice to have some incline, but I can live without it. All it means is that i have to run longer, faster to get the same level of workout.

EDIT 2 months later: still a great purchase. Noticed it start to slip some, but it is very easy to loosen the belt with included Allen wrench tool, lubricate under the mat, and then re-center and re-tighten.

Just what I wanted

After looking at multiple under desk treadmills and walking pads this was the one that I felt was the best for me. The small footprint is great for saving space. It’s easy to maneuver around. I really enjoy having an incline as I can walk for shorter times but still get the movement through the day while working. It’s very low noise, I take multiple calls through the day and nobody can tell I’m even using it.

It keeps me moving.

It's perfect! Not to large but does the job.

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