Egofit Pro M1 Walking Treadmill


Egofit Pro M1 is the third generation of the innovative Egofit walking pad treadmill with incline. The Small & Sleek walking treadmill comfortably fits under a standing desk for a workout while working and wheels into the another room for a jog while watching TV or reading a book. The 5 degree incline is ideal to work up a sweat in a small space in less time and distance.

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Egofit Pro M1 Walking Treadmill with Incline – Compact, Whisper Quiet, & Ready-to-Use!

  • PORTABILITY – SMALLEST & LIGHTEST walking treadmill in the world! Fits under desk and stores away under couch when not in use. Wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around the house or office to use for work and leisure.
  • MULTI-USE Egofit walking treadmill is designed for work, leisure, reading a book, watching TV. Great for sitting desk and standing desk users.
  • WHISPER QUIET – Egofit walking pad operating sound never exceeds 50DB, so no noise disturbance while on the phone, zoom call or watching TV.
  • SOLID BUILD – Egofit Walker Pro M1 is light but strong weighing just 55LBS/25KGS and able to support 245LBS/110KGS Max user weight.
  • UPGRADED – 3rd generation NEW & IMPROVED with a longer & wider belt of 26″ X 38”  making more room to enjoy walking and running.
  • 5% Incline – with a 5% incline – boost strength, burn more calories, and engage multiple muscle groups.
  • MOBILE APP – mobile control app is available (beside the remote controller) so you can start & stop, adjust speed and also helps record your exercise data to view at leisure and keep up with your daily activity record to achieve 10,00 steps!
  • READY TO USE – Egofit Pro comes fully assembled and ready to use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
So far,so good! Small and compact and works properly.

Lots of features for such a small thing!!Remote controlled,robust walking path ,safe starting and stopping.Amazing grip on the highest speed.Less than 30 kg weight.For 600 W power (less than a hoover) electricity consumption won’t be noticeable.The biggest problem with those walking machines is the rotating board is moving on the sides with the time.We will see with this one as it is quite solid build.

Kuldeep Singh
Compact and easy to use

This is fantastic if you are short of space. Very compact so doesn’t take much storage space. It is very sturdy. Easy to set up, just plug in and you’re set to go. Controllable via the remote which works perfectly. Starts, stops and increases or decreases the speed. Goes up by half increases until you reach level 5.
I was a little unsure how stable I would feel with no hand rest but it is very easy to walk on. Ideal for gentle walking to increase your steps or you can increase for a more intense work out.
Also came with 2 bottles of lubricant to keep the treadmill well lubricated.
Easy to manoeuvre and move around

Good quality walking treadmill

This walking treadmill is easy to set up straight out of the box. Just plug it in, put the batteries (provided) into the remote, and you're ready to go. I got the version without a handlebar, but if you have this as well you will of course need to fit it following the instructions provided.

As others have noted, it's a compact treadmill, so you have to keep your steps fairly short. If you have the version without a handlebar, I recommend starting at the lowest speed and being very careful if you have any balance issues. Probably the best way to use it is in conjunction with a standing desk on which you can steady yourself if needed.

One small criticism is that it's not easy to see the controls on the remote as the icons are recessed rather than being a different colour (see photo). My eyesight isn't the best and I struggled a bit with this at first, though of course in time you remember where the buttons are and what they do.

Those small criticisms aside, it does seem to be a good piece of kit. I have been using it in front of the TV while watching the World Cup in Qatar, which has at least stopped me becoming a total couch potato. I like the display that shows you various data including how long you have been walking and the distance you have allegedly travelled. It seems to be robust and well made, and the inclusion of two bottles of special lubricating oil is a nice touch. Four stars from me.

Best home treandmill

First things first - this treadmill is very heavy - when looking at it it might not seem so big or heavy but it is. Definitely needs two people to carry it. It has 5 speeds- as you can see in my video i almost fell when reaching level 4, might be because i am out of practice or maybe because also after level 4 you will not be walking but running. As a bit of advice take it slow and get used to it to be able to have stability - it is not the same as the gym treadmill as this one does not have handles and you will not have anything to reach if needed. For me it is the right amount of height and inclination. Definitely, this is one of the best exercising products that i have ever had for home use and I did tried a few. Also the remote is working just fine, had no problems with it, of course, i will need to change the batteries when they run out. The wheels are an amazing addition when finishing working out, you don't have to carry it, just lift it and put it next to a wall to save space. Great product, so happy this is out on the market.

No handlebar on proM1 model

Very easy to set up and use the treadmill the pro M 1 is compact does not have a handlebar Audi is made to be used while standing at a desk It has a 5 inch incline and the maximum speed is 5 km/h comes with a basic remote control with start stop buttons and increase and decrease speed buttons it has two wheels on the front to aid moving but is still quite heavy. I have been using for a month now and I’ve got used to it a good treadmill and would recommend from the office or home

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