EGOFIT WALKER PRO Walking Treadmill UK


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PORTABILITY – SMALLEST & LIGHTEST walking treadmill in the world! Fits under the desk or couch when not in use. Wheels make it easy to maneuver around the house or office to use for work and leisure. 

MULTI-USE Eogofit walking treadmill is designed with space saving in mind for work, leisure, reading a book, watching TV. Great for sitting desk and standing desk users. 

WHISPER QUIET – Egofit portable treadmill operating sound never exceeds 70DB, so no noise disturbance while on the phone, zoom call or watching TV.

SOLID BUILD – Egofit Walker Pro is light but strong weighing just 55LBS/25KGS and able to support 245LBS/110KGS Max user weight. 

UPGRADED – 2nd generation NEW & IMPROVED with a longer & wider belt of 16.5”X33.8”/42x86cm making more room to enjoy walking and running.

MOBILE APP control available (beside the remote controller) so you can start & stop, adjust speed and also helps record your exercise data to view at leisure. Keep up with your daily activity record to achieve 10,00 steps!

READY TO USE – It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

FREE Delivery – Free delivery within the UK & mainland Europe



Available on back-order

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect treadmill for a small space!

It came fully assembled. I’m a teacher working from home. In a classroom, teachers walk miles as we visit students to assist and monitor. I was unhappy to be trapped in a chair and looking at a computer all day. This was a great way to keep moving and still do my best for my kiddos.


Jul 23, 2021

Small but great

I recieved this item yesterday. Had some issues at first but customer service got back to me right away and fixed my issue (something came loose in shipping and it was a super easy fix)
I live on the second floor of an apartment complex and it’s quiet enough not to bother my neighbors. I put it on a yoga mat to muffle the sound my first try but that is not needed. It’s quiet enough as is. (more…)

Lisa E

Apr 30, 2021

Perfect under the desk treadmill to stop sitting all day

I wanted to put information in my review that answered the questions I had in looking for a under desk treadmill and observations on this item in particular so I hope it helps!

-Perfect size for me
I telecommute/work from home mostly and am on the computer all day- I would definitely bring it to the office when I need to be working there. (more…)

Lilith J

Apr 23, 2021


I am older, and afraid of falling when walking outdoors in any weather that creates slippery pavement. This mini treadmill is perfect!

Catherine Pippin

Apr 18, 2021

Nice under-desk treadmill

I like the “EGOFIT WALKPAD Smart Under Desk treadmill” (I put the name here to make sure review stays with the correct product.)

I have had it for a week and will update this later if I run into problems. It’s a nice treadmill for walking. I only use it at slow speeds since I am using it under my desk. I have a standup workstation that allows me to walk on the treadmill while still using my computer. (more…)


Apr 7, 2021

Space efficient–easy to get moving

It is sleek and efficient, you don’t have to give over a large amount of home space to a regular treadmill. You can calibrate the treadmill runner with a tool provided. I’s quiet, and easy to change the speed. You can use it while working or watching TV–whatever works for you.

Amazon Customer

Apr 5, 2021

Very good performance

Very good performance. Value for money

umesh jayashankar

Apr 3, 2021

Small But Fierce!

Ok this little treadmill is small but fierce! I love it! It arrived very quickly- and it is the greatest size if you don’t have a lot of space but want to stay in shape. Well made and easy to maneuver around. The remote control is great. It gets going faster than I thought! Really great workout and great customer service from the company. Buy it! You’ll love it!


Apr 2, 2021




Apr 1, 2021

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good performance

Very good performance. Value for money

umesh jayashankar

Mar 30, 2021

Perfect for getting steps in

I’ve used this every work day for about 2 months now. It’s exactly what I needed to get my steps in. The lower speeds are good for walking while on a long phone call, while faster speeds are good for a more intense without. I use it on carpet, because that’s what I have in my office, and it works great.


Mar 13, 2021

Plug it in and go

Bought this to sit under my desk so I can walk more during work.
It comes fully assembled and pre lubricated. Even includes additional lubricant.
Had a small issue with an internal wire rubbing against the motor making noise, but it was easy to access and tape up. After that, it has become really quiet.


Travis W. Wright

Mar 10, 2021